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What’s your superpower?

Staring your period for the first time or managing your periods each month so that you are in control each and every month, is a superpower skill in itself whether you are 9, 19, or 39. 

As you start puberty and are learning to manage it, you may be facing hormonal changes that can cause you to feel stressed about certain issues. Some of the following points can help you move forward and be more positive:

  1. Write it down, sometimes putting it on paper can make you think through how to tackle the issue at hand
  2. Speak to someone. Not everyone is the right person to speak to, you have to choose who to share your issue with so that it is constructive advice that you get back, sometimes the right person can guide you to someone who has the skills and competence to help you
  3. Create a plan of action, whether this is writing it down or entering it in your laptop, phone, tablet, etc… You can then tackle them one by one

Once you have the tools to deal with hormone changes, cramps, coming on when you’re staying over at a friend’s, etc… you will be more confident.

So, what is your Superpower? Tap into your inner strength and learn what makes you happy, but remember there are always others around who can help to guide you.

Mine is helping tweens manage their periods successfully without compromising them living their best life ever! Your SUPERPOWER will keep you walking in confidence believe in yourself believe

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