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Washing before your first wear will help activate the gusset to ensure the product is absorbent.

 Your Munāgiso products are machine washable.  We recommend washing on a gentle cycle, cold machine wash and hang to dry.

Quick Tips:

  1. After use, we recommend rinsing your period pants in cold water as soon as possible once removed. Do not soak, just rinse until the water runs clear, before popping them in the wash. Whilst optional, this gets best results as you can wash out most of the fluids that have been absorbed.
  2. Our mesh laundry bagis great for placing your pants to be washed in the machine and once dry they can also be used to store your period pants in between cycles.
  3. No fabric softeners and strong detergents e.g, stain removers. It breaks down the hi-tech function of our garments and also reduces the durability of the fabrics and trims, so they won’t last as long. 
  4. No tumble-drying or exposure to high temperature. Exposure to high temperatures can impact the technology in the gusset and also damage the material. Hang to dry and reuse.
The Munāgiso range is made from 95% soft organic cotton with 5% spandex for a comfortable stretch. The absorbent built-in lining has a polybrush top layer – this
Antibacterial fabric is selected for hygiene purposes and helps to wick the blood away from the body towards the second layer. It also has a
terry middle layer and waterproof polyester bottom layer to prevent leaks. 
The Moderate-Heavy absorbs up to 15ml  or 3 tampons worth and the All-Day pants absorbs up to 30ml or 5  or the equivalent of 5 tampons worth. 

Our Organic Period Pants work just like normal underwear but with an extra superpower- they absorb from 3 – 4 tampons worth of your period depending on which pants you choose. Our leak-free organic pants are designed to support you through your period again and again. Just wear, wash, repeat.

Our 3D anti-leak technology combines three layers of breathable organic cotton:
No! There’s no need to worry — period pants don’t smell any different from your regular pants. Our reliable built-in gusset quickly absorbs moisture and locks it in, stopping any smell from building up.
This all depends on how heavy your flow is. To get the best period pants for you, choose an absorbency level that suits your flow. Our period underwear ranges from 
, and can be worn for up to 12 hours — so you can wear them all day or all night — completely leak free!
Unfortunately for hygiene reasons we cannot replace or refund
Munāgiso pants if you order the wrong size.

If you think your item is faulty or you would like to exchange your item, please contact our Customer Services team at team@munagiso.com. Please include your order number (and description of and a photo showing the fault). Exchanges will be agreed at our discretion.

 If you change your mind, in addition to your consumer rights, you may return your unused purchase for refund by contacting us at team@munagiso.com within 14 days of receiving your order, you then have 14 days in which to return the items to us.